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What makes our steaks special

Northern California Raised Cattle LogoUtilizing sustainable farming practices, Merlo Farming Group and Byrne Cattle, both Northern California Family-owned farms, have joined forces to humanely raise the finest cattle on a special nutritional diet mix based on almonds and almond byproduct. The results are a healthy lean beef, buttery flavor, incredible texture, and a unique aroma that make for a mouthwatering experience for you and your friends!

Beef Stew

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Ingredients: 1 Rump Roast 1 bag small potatoes 1 bag of small white onions frozen 4 carrots 2 cups of mushrooms Bag of frozen peas Chopped garlic Flour Oil Salt and pepper 2 tablespoons [...]

Pulled Beef Sandwich

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Ingredients: 1 Cross Rib Roast (2lb) 1 Sliced yellow onion 3 Gloves garlic 1 box (32 oz) beef broth 1/2 cup BBQ Sauce Olive Oil Thyme Rosemary Coleslaw Green onion Pickles Pepperoncini Bun Crosshairs Provider [...]

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